Overview of Legal Retainers


Paying your legal retainer ensures that the Darbouze Law Group will represent you in your family legal matter. If you are interested in paying your legal retainer up front, you may visit our Make A Payment page. If you prefer to finance your legal retainer, the Darbouze Law Group offers a secure financing option through IQualify Lending.

Financing Your Legal Retainer


If your application is approved by IQualify Lending, you may finance your legal retainer without putting any money down. The lenders offer low monthly payments, and the first payment will not be due for thirty days. To obtain more information on financing your legal retainer, please visit the IQualify Lending Application.

I would like to pay my legal retainer up front.

Please visit our Make A Payment page if you would like more information on paying your legal retainer up front. If you are ready to pay your legal retainer using a debit or credit card, then you may pay the retainer using our secure Online Payment Portal.

I would like to finance my legal retainer.

To finance your legal retainer through IQualify Lending, you must complete a 90-second application. After completing the application, you will be able to view your payment options, accept or decline offers from up to 12 lenders, and complete the loan agreement.

I would like to estimate my payment.

If you choose to finance your legal retainer, you will owe your first payment in 30 days. The Payment Matrix allows you to estimate the amount of your monthly payment. Please remember that the amounts provided by the matrix are only an estimation.