Child Support

For child support cases, it is important to have an attorney who understands your legal rights and the current laws governing support. Our attorneys have extensive experience navigating the child support guidelines and advising clients on which situations warrant a deviation from the guidelines. Our attorneys are also well-versed in child support modifications and appealing child support orders.

Overall, child support cases may be complex, but they do not have to be unmanageable. A family lawyer can explain your legal rights and options. For assistance with understanding your child support case, schedule a consultation today!

Family lawyers can assist with the following:


  • Modifying an existing support order
  • Filing a petition for support
  • Answering a child support petition
  • Appealing the entry of a support order
  • Establishing paternity or locating the other parent
  • Subpoenaing the other parent’s financial information
  • Explaining your options for child support enforcement
  • Representing you at child support hearings


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